AKFInformation Concepts created a classroom training curriculum for AKF. The training covered the use of the grants management system as well as tips and tricks for users. Information Concepts worked closely with the AKF to ensure that the training was presented at the right level of detail and that the terms used resonated with AKF staff. Information Concepts’ instructors led the hands on session and produced support materials including training guides, handouts and how-tos.

Information Concepts developed a webinar based training program for external AKF Grants Management System users across the country. Using a state-of-the-art interactive webinar platform, Information Concepts instructors presented the material and took questions in real time. In addition, to support the webinar, Information Concepts created a test environment with sample data so that users could see the system in action without impacting the production environment.
  • Recorded Training. Information Concepts developed video based recorded training to be used by internal and external users. The videos are available to staff at any time to assist in the onboarding of new users and to serve as refresher training for existing users.
  • Interactive Click Through Training. Information Concepts developed an interactive “click through” training which presented users with screens from the Grants Management System and asked them to preform tasks. As the users completed task,s the training presented a quiz to ensure knowledge retention.
  • System Overview Videos. Information Concepts produced a video based system overview for the AKF to use as introductory material for new users and for marketing. This video is available over the web on demand.