20407 - Information Concepts-wMay 14, 2013 – Information Concepts was notified of the renewal of our CMMI Level 2 Certification.  Previously, Information Concepts underwent an appraisal to determine if we met the CMMI Level 2 requirements.   Information Concepts received confirmation that its appraised had been accepted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the governing body for CMMI.

CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration.  The purpose of CMMI is to identify, document, and evaluate processes in our organization and ensure that these processes allow us to effectively meet our business goals and that we have a methodology for continued process improvement.  According to SEI, CMMI can be used as a framework for appraising the maturity of an organization’s business and work-related processes.  The appraisal (called a SCAMPI – which stands for Standard CMMI Appraisal Methodology for Process Improvement) focused on one of our projects for the Federal Government. 

The link to our appraisal results published by SEI is:


The CMMI process has assisted Information Concepts in more effectively meeting our major corporate goals including:

  • Development of a uniformly positive customer experience on all of Information Concepts’ software development projects.
  • Continuation of our industry leading success rate of over 95% of our software projects going into production.
  •  Ensuring that our methodologies for project delivery are well documented and repeatable.
  • Providing a methodology to insert customer and project team feedback to improve future project delivery.

To support CMMI, Information Concepts developed written procedures for project delivery, trained our staff in these procedures, and performed quality reviews on our projects to make sure our procedures were implemented.  We originally went through the CMMI Level II certification process in 2010 because it was a requirement for us to hold certain Federal Government contracts. We have found the CMMI process valuable in a number of other ways.  It pushed us down the path of documenting our methodologies and practices, enhancing our methodology to follow these processes, and verify that the processes have been followed.  

We expect to undergo recertification again in 2016.

Cary Toor (2 Posts)

Cary Toor is a Co-Founder and Principal of Information Concepts, Inc. Since the company’s founding in 1982, he has personally managed or overseen the management of numerous large and small software development projects for Information Concepts’ customers, as well as provided software architecture support for complex projects. In this role, he developed Information Concepts Project Management Strategy, including processes and techniques, which have allowed Information Concepts to have an unparalleled success rate in delivery of software development projects to its customers.