Every year, the Department of the Treasury nominates and elects recipients for its Small Business Awards. There are three separate Award types including Achievement Award, Department Awards, and Industry Awards. Information Concepts is proud to announce that we have been nominated by the IRS for the 2012 Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year.

This award is meant “to showcase the valuable role, high caliber of work, and noteworthy business acumen of small businesses in their service as a Treasury contractor,” (Dept. of the Treasury).

As a Treasury contractor, Information Concepts has been worked with the IRS on a variety of projects. One such example is the Issue Management System (IMS), which Information Concepts has worked on since 2003.  Over this time, IT AD and Business Stakeholders have worked with Information Concepts to implement the base IMS software and 5 yearly releases, with each yearly release on schedule and on budget.  Information Concepts has provided the IRS with software development support throughout the IRS Electronic Life Cycle Methodology (ELC) Milestones 2/3, 4, and 5, including collecting requirements, software architecture and design, coding, testing, deployment, and O&M support.

IMS was designed for LB&I to perform individual and team audits of corporate tax returns, including the ability for users primarily housed at taxpayer sites to use the application and managers with only periodic access to the IRS network, and specialists located at the IRS to oversee the audit process.  Over time, IMS has been broadened to support other IRS Stakeholders including SB/SE Excise, Appeals, and Estate & Gift Tax.  Working with AD, Information Concepts has executed a methodology which shares functionality from different Stakeholders to improve the user experience for all IMS users and reduce implementation and O&M costs.

Information Concepts has focused on the design of an application which improves the productivity of IRS staff working Audit Cases, including the reduction of the administrative burden associated with filling out duplicate information and continual improvement in the tailoring of the audit process and its changes to the flow of the application.  This has been done by working closely with business Stakeholders to ensure that their requirements are implemented effectively and improvements are made where needed in each yearly release.  Additionally, Information Concepts has developed the application so, where ever possible, alterations can be done outside of the code, such as the addition and modification of IRS Forms and a Rules Engine to allow changes to screens and flow between releases.

Over the course of its engagement with the IRS, Information Concepts has focused on providing a talented technical team along with effective project management to meet IRS goals of functionality, cost efficiency, and implementation deadlines by working closely with IRS Stakeholders.

Information Concepts is pleased to have been nominated for this award and we are looking forward to providing the same level of service as a Treasury contractor in the future.

Wayne Beekman (124 Posts)