PAHOInformation Concepts developed workflows using SharePoint 2007 to facilitate a real world physical process of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). For this effort, Information Concepts gathered and wrote requirements documentation, created design documentation that was used as a blueprint for development, and implemented workflow and corresponding ASP pages. The workflow was a customized approval process that assigned appropriate people to weigh in on a contract or other type of reviewed document. Individuals assigned to review have the functionality to assign other users to review the document and provide feedback before the document is to be approved. Work was also done on the workflow database, where all information about each past and present workflow is stored. The database is used for application management, providing functionality using stored procedures. The database was also developed to provide reporting on current and completed workflows. The UI of the workflow was developed using ASP.NET and AJAX to provide optimum flexibility to users and alleviate longer load times.