PBSThe Pledge Data Collection and Reporting system (PDCR) was developed by Information Concepts to improve data tracking and acquisition, user interface tools, station information management, and pledge data reporting. PBS provides information, tools, and services to PBS Member Stations to assist with fundraising efforts, including: direct mail, telemarketing, Internet and on-air fundraising activities, as well as corporate underwriting services. One of the primary objectives of this project was to create a method for streamlining data sharing. To achieve this, Information Concepts created a common data standard to be used for the export and import of data between stations and the PDCR system. The enhancements to the system also included a new dollars earned-to-date report, available to all stations. Some of the components were included were File Load & Processing, Data Review & Submission, Open Quarter Selection, Program Code Cleanup, Station Reporting. This improved data sharing has effectively helped PBS upper management in evaluating the effectiveness of on-air fundraising activities and in making future program investment decisions.