un-ams-logo-without-shadingFor over thirty years, I have been developing custom add-on solutions our association clients’ Association Management Systems (AMS). AMS’s are customized, boutique solutions which are very expensive to procure, deploy, customize, and extend.

Information Concepts has been successful in delivering AMS functionality, complete with Member portals, using the off-the-shelf Salesforce platform. This gives our clients access to the great work of thousands of Salesforce developers and third party solutions for Billing, eCommerce, and Accounting system support.

Why not take advantage of best of breed components and integrate them into a solution which can be agile, based on your organization’s ever changing needs. In 2012, Tom Brantigan, the original developer of an AMS, Resources which became Personify, published this post, which predicted the death of the large integrated AMS. Salesforce provides that missing link to make this a reality.

With Salesforce’s launch of NGO Connect (http://www.salesforcefoundation.org/nonprofit-product-overview/), putting together a complete Association Management Solution, without propriatary customization is more cost effective than ever. NGO Connect has support for many AMS like functions including Payment Processing, Grants Management, Membership, and Event Management out of the box. For 501(c)(3) organizations, the discounted license costs are very attractive.

Since End-User Reporting, Dashboards, Workflows, and Flexible Data Models are built into the Salesforce platform, deploying an easily customized solution is less risky and provides more flexibility than the traditional AMS model.

Wayne Beekman (124 Posts)