Information Concepts co-founder Wayne Beekman will be presenting at the upcoming meeting for the Greater Washington Area Chapter of SOLE – The International Society of Logistics – on Wednesday, July 17th.  SOLE is a non-profit international society with the mission of enhancing the art and science of logistics technology.

Wayne’s presentation, entitled “Get the Requirements Right the First Time,” focuses of Information Concepts Visualization and Planning Methodologies.  The meeting is designed to discuss tools that engage stakeholders and get requirements right before any development begins.

Most projects that fail are due to miscommunication between the business stakeholders and the development team.  Visualization tools combat this, allowing you to quickly see your software solution before a single line of code is written.  Advanced visualization tools enable extremely rapid prototyping with online publishing and critiquing that can cut the time and cost of requirements gathering in half.

SOLE focuses on meeting the challenges of innovation, quality, and superior performance in the global marketplace.  

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