manageProject Management

Because Information Concepts’ business is built around the delivery of complete solutions on a fixed price basis, we have a specific approach to Project Management to ensure successful completion of a project. It is our goal to work closely with you. This means keeping you involved in all aspects of the project, including creation of project plans, product content, the look and feel of your solution, and development decisions and trade-offs. In our approach, Information Concepts:

  • Assigns a Project Manager exclusively to your project
  • The Project Manager conducts a planning workshop with you to develop the user-prototype of your solution
  • Oversees all aspects of development, ensuring that the overall integrity of your solution is uniform

Information Concepts will assign a Project Manager to oversee your solution’s development. In most cases, our Project Managers only work with one project exclusively, ensuring that you and your solution receive undivided attention required to create a quality product that meets your needs. Project Managers have the ability to make decisions about staffing resources, and alterations and accommodations of system functionality.

When we begin to develop your solution, an Information Concepts Project Manager will meet with you face to face to develop a detailed project plan that will lay the foundation for the development of your solution. This plan will encompass all aspects of your solution, including a user-prototype, a visual and user-interactive illustration of how your solution will function; a realistic and true timeline of your solution’s development, an extensive task list, and resource allocation discussions.

Project Managers are paired with a member of your organization; this relationship serves as the open line of communication between Information Concepts and you. Our Project Managers regularly report and meet with their counterpart to discuss progress, receive feed back, and to make sure that your solution is being developed to your requirements.

This approach to Project Management ensures your solution is delivered on time, is technologically sound, and addresses the needs of your organization.

Quality Assurance

To ensure that your system functions correctly and is technologically sound, Information Concepts has a distinct methodology for our Quality Assurance process. This process is unique in the industry:

  • Testing is done as production progresses in units, not at the end of the development life cycle.
  • Developers may not move onto a new unit until their current assignment is approved.
  • After all units have been tested and combined, they are tested again for full system integration soundness.

Quality Assurance is an important constituent to the overall cycle of your solution’s progression. Our approach to quality assurance is active in all stages of development because we test each unit of your solutions before combining them all into the final product.

When your solutions goes into production, it is broken down into units. Those units are assigned to the members of the development team. As they complete the development of an individual unit, it is tested by a member of the Quality Assurance team for bugs and soundness of code. Until that unit is fully tested and approved, the developer is not assigned additional work. Once all of the units are developed and tested, they are combined into the final product. That final product is tested again for integration and overall functionality.

By performing this level of Quality Assurance testing throughout development, Information Concepts drastically reduces the numbers of insignificant errors that are reported during installation. This disciplined testing process allows us to effectively manage development and expedite the process as a whole.