planInformation Concepts Project Planning efforts are the key to our successful software development practice. We minimize the risk implied with IT projects by applying our Project Planning methods to effectively identify a client’s needs, and allowing them to see a prototype of the application before it goes into development. This process is also the corner stone for providing our clients with Fixed-Price application builds.

“If I can’t see it, I can’t understand it.” -Einstein

Information Concepts’ Project Planning methods allow you to quickly visualize your solution, preventing unnecessary development costs. This method also saves time in discovering requirements, and allows you to easily track the progress of your solution. Information Concepts’ Project Planning Methods assist our customers through:

  • Interactive Requirements Workshops
  • Visual Prototype of the solution
  • Fixed-Price Project Plan for development

Interactive Workshops

We come to you and meet with your business and technical teams. We listen to your business needs and goals for the application, and begin to gather the application’s requirements. Within days of this first meeting we show you a prototype of your application to interact with and react to.

Solution Prototype

We employ the use of Rapid Prototyping to create and refine a prototype of your application’s User Interface. The prototype is built using the same technology that will be used in development. As the prototype evolves, it incorporates navigation between screens and links the screens and databases, defining the user experience.

Project Documentation

Upon completion of the Project Planning effort, Information Concepts will deliver the requirements document with details for every screen, a technical design, and a detailed project plan with a line item and fixed price for every screen, report, and process. These deliverables are critical to the success of any follow on development effort.

This illustration highlights our approach and deliverables: