Case Management Solutions

Government agencies working in investigations or compliance are tasked with an ever increasing caseload and limited budget to add personnel.

Information Concepts Case Management Systems allow a work force to work smarter by supporting the day to day case management tasks such as managing documents, forms, issues, and timekeeping.

For compliance, certification, or investigation work, Information Concepts provides Case Management Systems that offer solutions to these tasks. The solutions we develop support remote investigative teams, in online or offline environments.

Our solutions for case management facilitate our clients’ efforts by:

  • Easing Investigation & Enforcement activities
  • Reducing case completion time
  • Lowering operational costs

Our systems are built to leverage your IT investments and standards.

The following diagram illustrates a sample Case Management System in an environment with disconnected users:


Ease Investigation & Enforcement Activities

  • Systems that are in Connected/Disconnected, or Web-Based environments
  • Forms Handling/Document Management
  • Custom Reporting for analysis, timekeeping for work completed on cases, and risk scoring

Reduce Case Completion Time

  • Caseworker collaboration through case synchronization
  • Management and Executive Dashboards that offer insight into current field operations, allowing for quicker case approval
  • Single sign-on Case Deconfliction that saves time in researching disparate databases

Lower Operational Costs

  • By leveraging against existing investments, systems can be created using technology you already own
  • Project Planning
  • Fixed Price Development